Intro to Spinefulness: 90 minutes to a more comfortable life

Because of the Corvid-19 situation, all classes are postponed until it’s once again safe to gather in groups.

intro to Spinefulness: 90 minutes to a more comfortable life
Image courtesy Gary Knight, via Flickr

We’ve all seen sitting postures like the woman in the Paris cafe above – and most of us have sat that way. It’s our cultural norm, and it wreaks havoc on our backs.

But there is a different way to inhabit our bodies. In pre-industrial societies, most people live in alignment with gravity. Unlike us, they grow old with strong, straight spines.

You don’t even have to look that far to see good posture. All healthy toddlers live in perfect balance until about the age of three, when they take on our cultural norms.

In an intro to Spinefulness class, you’ll learn why modern posture is hurting you and what to do instead.

Come for this 90-minute introductory class, and:

  • See a mind-blowing slide show that will turn your idea of good posture on its head
  • Experience a new, life-changing, pain-free way to sit.
  • Receive an individual hands-on assessment.

You don’t need to wear special clothing, although yoga gear is always good. Any loose, comfortable, stretchy clothing will do. Avoid wearing jeans.

If you can sit down in a chair and stand up again, you can do this class.

To learn more about Spinefulness, check out What is Spinefulness? 

Two free into classes in January: TBA

Space is limited. Pre-registration required. Email Eve at to hold your spot.