"I learned so much and I feel like I am finally starting to understand what I can do to improve my posture. I shared some of what I learned with my son, and he was able to easily improve his sitting posture. This work is so important and beneficial. It would be amazing to bring this work to kids so that they could stay in the natural balance they are born with. "

— Amy I, Early Childhood Educator/ Child and Family Worker

“It may sound trite to say that I wish I had known about Spinefulness earlier in my life. This workshop has made me so hopeful for the rest of my life. Over the week I have less pain, more mobility, and feel taller. ”

— JoAnn P

“After years of pain and treatment, and lots of yoga, this is the first time the actions I’ve been given to implement have made such simple sense and have provided me with instant relief. It’s a long road ahead, but I’m very motivated to live a Spineful life. ”

— Genevieve G.

“I have a very physical job as a support worker for people with disabilities. I came to Spinefulness to improve my posture, but am also experiencing less fatigue and have good energy at work and in my life generally. ”

— Cate S

“Thank you from my feet to my crown. This has been a live-changing experience. ”

— Melissa H

“Everyone should do these classes. This weekend has totally changed the way I think of being in space.”

— Carla G

“From the very first class I felt in better control of my posture. The relief of pain and stiffness in my feet was profound and I feel less fatigue. I immediately applied Spinefulness to how I do my work and what and how I teach my clients.”

— Judy Russell, Physiotherapist

“If physical therapists – massage, physiology, kinesiology etc. – knew this work, there would be a lot less pain in the world. ”

— Brenda L. B