Spineful sitting illustrated in one photo

spineful sitting two men on bench
                                                      One small change makes the difference between straight and slumped
I saw these two men perched on a bench outside Granville Island Public Market last July. The one on the left is demonstrating Spineful sitting. His friend is not.

One sits on bone, the other doesn’t. One has a long straight back. The other sits in a slump that’s building a hump.

No points awarded for saying which one looks younger, moves more easily, and is at lower risk for back pain.

Spineful sitting is simple: you “fig” when you sit, by rolling your pubic bone back between your thighs. You sit on bone. And then you relax. No big deal.

But simple isn’t the same as easy.

For one thing, most chairs are less posture-friendly than this bench. And if you’re used to sitting back on your buttocks, you have to remember to change your habit every time you sit down.

Still, it’s a very small change to bring about a very big result.

Want to learn more?

If you haven’t already checked out Jean Couch’s collapsing spine demo, have a look. Along with the drama of the collapsing spine, you’ll find an excellent set of instructions on sitting.

Try them out. There’s no modest change of habit that will give you bigger dividends than Spineful sitting.